Thursday, 9 February 2012

News on Jamproject

A few days ago I left this message at jamlegend legendary players group so I'm leaving it now for everyone:

Hey guys, I came back to the group so that I let you know about what is happening with jp. Recently we had some problems with out host, webgo24, it happens that they don't want to host our site anymore because it was become too much expensive to keep it and we weren't really making much development on the game. Recently one of our download host sites closed, megaupload, and there are some other reports that mediafire is not working good neither (but i'm not sure about that). We have saved the website before it closed, however I think the song packs and other downloads were lost due to external reasons. The old blog has got a redirection automatic link on it which chuck should remove sometime soon I hope. Also we have another problem, it seems that a new law on copyrights was launched called ACTA and this one can give us all a lot of trouble... So we will research about that also ... If we are not able to keep our blog we will search for another solution where to put jp stuff. I hope this cleared those who were confused about the current jp situation!

Also I can confirm that the redirection script is now fixed and you can see the blog again normally. ACTA still seems a big problem and we are thinking seriously about this... So that's the updates for now, we are very sorry about any problems that you may have because of this!

About the song packs, you may get any song pack you want from this link =>
We want to thank a lot to our player Yang Tai for providing this useful copy of our songpacks!

See you soon!

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