Thursday, 28 April 2016

And today makes it 5!

Hey there, today is the 5th year since Jamlegend closed!

I honestly don't know what to say but, just wanted to post about it.
So, anyone's still around here? Still missing Jamlegend? It has been a long time, uh :)

If you guys could share some of your favorite videos from Jamlegend, I'll put them on this post.

Have a great day!

~ Luna

PS. Anyone has got any clever ideas of what we can do with this blog? We still get over 500 visits every month here!

Monday, 4 May 2015


~ 4 years, 29 of April of 2015 ~

I'm a bit late since that was last Wednesday but I just decided to pass by to remind you... it's been 4 years since Jamlegend closed, on the 29th of April of 2011.

The latest attempt to bring Jamlegend back to life in case you still haven't heard of is rocklegend.

It's been a little silent lately. I'm not sure what's up with Patrick Neschkudla lately, he is the main responsible for the rocklegend project.

If you have been visiting this blog since Jamlegend closed, that's totally amazing. Thanks! :)

~ Luna

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hello and goodbye

     Hello, music gaming fans! I though I wouldn't be writing here again any more, but it seems important that I do so. A lot of you have been contacting me in the past few months asking about jam project and asking the files and other things of what we did here. Some of you even wanted to volunteer to help us. I want to thank you for that, you are all cool people!
     Now what I really wanted to share is, if you are one of those and any other, our project is already over. We are not working at it neither we have any plans of doing so in the future. In fact, I'm not even sure what happened to the other two. I haven't been speaking to them since ages. I do not have any of the game files nor anything else so please don't ask me for them.
     However I can give you a suggestion. Another team has been working on a game since some months which will be very similar to jamlegend and, of course, better than this project. The game is *beatrocking* (link in the bottom). If you visit their website, you'll notice that it is still in development as you can read there, and you'll find a link for their facebook on the page, which is where they post their news. Why don't you support them and check what they have to offer also?
     That's all I have to share with you now. Thank you for your patience and support, and I am so sorry about the contest fail the last year, everything just started to fall apart at that moment and I completely lost track of it. Have this little cuteness (:


Oh and, you'll find most of the song packs we had in the past in this link, courtesy of Yang Tai: 

~ Posted by Luna on the 29th of June of 2013

Thursday, 9 February 2012

News on Jamproject

A few days ago I left this message at jamlegend legendary players group so I'm leaving it now for everyone:

Hey guys, I came back to the group so that I let you know about what is happening with jp. Recently we had some problems with out host, webgo24, it happens that they don't want to host our site anymore because it was become too much expensive to keep it and we weren't really making much development on the game. Recently one of our download host sites closed, megaupload, and there are some other reports that mediafire is not working good neither (but i'm not sure about that). We have saved the website before it closed, however I think the song packs and other downloads were lost due to external reasons. The old blog has got a redirection automatic link on it which chuck should remove sometime soon I hope. Also we have another problem, it seems that a new law on copyrights was launched called ACTA and this one can give us all a lot of trouble... So we will research about that also ... If we are not able to keep our blog we will search for another solution where to put jp stuff. I hope this cleared those who were confused about the current jp situation!

Also I can confirm that the redirection script is now fixed and you can see the blog again normally. ACTA still seems a big problem and we are thinking seriously about this... So that's the updates for now, we are very sorry about any problems that you may have because of this!

About the song packs, you may get any song pack you want from this link =>
We want to thank a lot to our player Yang Tai for providing this useful copy of our songpacks!

See you soon!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mega Library Expansion Pack #1

Hi there! Today's Library Expansion Pack is a bit different than those who you were used before.
This one is a compilation of every library expansion pack launched until now, and toke 9 hours to upload >_<

So, here you have them all!

At this moment it can only be downloaded by premium members at Megaupload, like the file has got more than 1 GB, but i'll take care of dividing it into parts so everyone can download freely.

PREMIUM download

Happy Jamming ^^

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jamlegend List of Artists

Were is a list of jamlegend artists, for those who want to check up how their favourite bands are going on =)
Click on the name of a band to see their website.

Kill the AlarmJerry CKnockout TheoryThe RuseHonor By Augustson et lumièreRides Again,DSPRyashonBlue JudyYour Favorite EnemiesO.M.TI Fight DragonsSuperpowerless,CommanderShaftySolar FragmentBury the BullyJoseph Patrick MooreDralace & Mitsuhirato,Mary And The Black LambBRANEThe All American RejectsSoul SanctuaryAyganLeetStreet BoysThe Stolen CarsDouble StampFAIRCHILDSeven7DragonForceStandard of LivingThe Dirty HeadsMaroon 5Top Johnny!Christmas at the Devil's HouseYou Me and IowaHorns Become HalosKeko YomaA Chinese Restaurant2nd ThoughtCorporate SaturdayPiano ClassicsA Lifelike StoryArmadaSteepManic DriveAmplifyHidariSteve VaiImperial VipersRhythm, Rhyme, ResultsKALIBERBlotted ScienceThe ClaymoreLest I FallOrianthiThree Star Seed,CloudburstAgamendonVideo Game RestorationSafetyThe Judgement of ParisSarah Solovay,MITYXNaked GunDrogatonesCherry BloomSophia The OceanWill KriskiWorstDonora,AmatoryZack BorerPapa RoachAberration ChromatiqueVelourHeathen ForayOut of Grey,Missing KarmaHigh Like FiveBlack TideLife Love MiseryAmputee PaulaMadina LakeElectric Eel ShockAtomic TomA Hero Named HopeJeff MacDougallFictionsStratovariusRevocationJaded SunBOREAThe Fog JoggersRise AgainstAgainst The WallJason CastropetevylerBondan RastikaRev TheoryThe InfluenceThe SeparationDenigrationMongrelBrad SucksVOLTZThe Veer UnionCelldwellerAge Of EvilBilly Boy On PoisonRick FowlerProfuna OceanHumana,noctalucaAdelitas WayInVeinsAfter Midnight ProjectQuitsandKarnivoolChester French,MishkaLadyhawkeTENTCinema BizarreensharpDeathSPiT LiKE THiSWelloAdrian and the SicknessORDEN OGANThe Derek Trucks BandAwaking StateThe GalleryAtheistTantricSerial ObsessionKilling The SensesNecrophagistMose GiganticusThe Last VegasSwellThe Words,Runner RunnerJohn GarrisonAsk You In GrayJohnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the ApocalypsoSinergiaBrian PosehnThe MaineConducting From The Grave_SEEYOUNEXTTUESDAY (GER)AlyshenFederico FascePenForABulletSubmission RedDeWolffThe Downfall Ends,BAZZDREAM.deSir VejaDEPAPEPEAbused RomanceLudothe EvolutionariesREPPLICAAdieu OK!Avenged SevenfoldBLINDSWITCHDays DifferenceHoneychuckFind a FiendAngels Of ArmageddonAmy SpeaceKingdom of SorrowGenghis TronSay OkayOzomatliGwyllionLegend MakerThe AmbassadorsDIGIMORTALState of ManmetalkprettyGloria PalaceJulien-KDying FetusMontana 1948CarneyRumpelstiltskin GrinderDakotaToxic HolocaustGavin Rossdale,Silent DescentKeturaCrash KingsEvil CaviesChannel EightMatt StevensBlue StahliDavid GamboaJason MorrisJimmy Eat WorldBaysideJimmy JoanssonEscape the FateDr. Awkward,Static LabThe EndPARALLAX2CentsArts & SciencesSaving AbelMaxiesRachel HolderFocus ShiftVigilanceThriving IvoryPOWERLIFTERLike A StormLennysouldeceiverHe's The Hero,TombsInspired FlightSlowtideAt the WellBrandon SlavinskiMMOSunrise Cross Canadian RagweedLIGHT ALIVELAURIER TIERNANMoonaliceReverse OrderBrandon Reihana10 Years,Eutopian AccidentRaintimeJosh and the Empty PocketsDanforthTürspionAlabama ThunderpussyPatricio Stiglich ProjectPowerman 5000Bogart and the AddictivesCoalesce,Another MoonMadHatterMonsters In The AtticSouthsideVertigo StepsDon CaballeroAsado,Trance HaloBuckraMia PalenciaSILENT POETRYMake My DayAnjos da NoiteBrother ClydeSerj TankianShane Hines and the TranceshiftGraves of ValorOn WaveThe New UpSkyfire,LowpitchJuke KartelAverage MillerSKYFOXCHESHIRESThis EscapeYoung & DivineBurstThe FloodPazAntropyEl Sie7eConquestSlimSinceAndy RehfeldtThe Ultrasoundsharoldo torrecilhaKabuto The PythonPig DestroyerStarFThe DeedlesCARVEDKelly AllynArida Vortex,Double DamageMiseryDiabeatsMega-DriverDeafinitionBig Rock Candy MountainEstate of GraceBoyfriend AcademyKasparovAwake! Awake!KissogramNudeBackside SurferDaboyNat,HollowickPhaseKing PheenixBenjamin BearMasterklassAction SelectionAlex Moller,ZeaLouS1Patrick HoseySplitScott BullDivided in SpheresTexas Hippie CoalitionZombiBrave ChandeliersCircus EnvyTim DraperThe Brilliant ThingsBlack Magic VoodooStart a Revolution,Something You WhisperCephalic CarnageThe Cries of...ObliviumThe ExperimentsLeather PhantomMetaletyAmbassadors Of NowhereCumulo NimbusSie7eJETA Social StatePlunkett,SOFIATravis PeeryThe CarolinasBobcatZilla PersonaFury UKShubangei & The MaxonsJulien PetitjeanJennifer LindsayBurnt By The SunDoctor DemenciaStigmataBaronessBlack Anvil,Hero DestroyedLost in the CrawlspaceMisery IndexAshkaHowlThe BloodclanDJ Millera'tris,Chelsea FieldKrondor KrewSayvinylAlchemistWiser Time16Sinister SixThe YuppsAbysmal DawnThe Young WerewolvesChelsea SmileBlack TuskAvalynGrooveshireDysrhythmia,GranianBirds of PreyDaisy MalloryA/CollisionThe RangerShadow PuppetsXKursionEmergency Pizza PartyNew To YouJD Eicher & the GoodnightsAerial BandLilyWhiteStrydir Leekeep you honestBuried InsideSheLoomBlackcentrMark ConnorsHue And CryLife StageRei TeytumDe ProfundisMan Must DieDisfearThe Super UnknownVoivodErzfeinTAlguien MienteThe Hold OutsUnearthly TranceCrimsonFacedColdworkerCherishedEvan HammerAndrew RippThe Reds-SOFIA-MinskThe Dead & BuriedCautivaDamienXeMaKopekGeminyCapadeThe VegetariansCultedTelefryzerRwakeSeventh VoidEnding SatellitesThe Bankrobbers,DECEMBER PEALSPreston LeathermanFariborz LachiniDesilioChamber of EchoesSlight CurvatureEllephareEVERFAILEDRick ShafferMONALISA OVERDRIVEHot Chelle RaeIndecent ExposureDarkness AblazeALooPEvig NattPicnic KibunLes EntraillesPaul Keigwin VitaleThe State of ThingsRed FangProject SilenceSTUB HORNOckum's RazorBroughton's RulesDarling ParadeBlane FondaKaaTitanMild Frontiersfred-offKenny MehlerAre Those Your FriendsSoul Circus CowboysCircle of AnimalsTwin Berlin

See you around ^^

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Track Pack #24 by Toastyy :D

In this one, you will find artists such as:
-The Ruse
-Soul Sanctuary
-Classical Hits
-Age of Evil
-Channel Eight
-The Morning After

Thank you guys again for all the support we continue getting :) → I sense online gaming very soon. :D

Puchyy ^^

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tracking Manual Preview

I already said in a comment somewhere that unfortunately I wouldn't be able to have the stuff I said I would post for the weekend... but well, at least i'm going to give here some previews of the tracking manual =)
Fully written and designed by me, enjoy!



Author Notes

Basics of Tracking

Clear Examples

Organized by Steps

Includes Useful Tips and Curiosities

Models of Calculations

And much more! I'm sure you will love it ^^ 
Believe it!