Thursday, 28 April 2011

Alpha 3 Silver 1st teaser

Hi people Chuck here. Today I got some spare time so I decided to work a little on Alpha 3.
First Alpha 3 will be a great step for Jam Project since we began to work around JamBox source code and we are making the project truly ours.

Well I don't actually have a changelog for Alpha 3 because it is not finished yet...
What I do have is some nice pictures of the development.

New Window style, New Background, New App Background

A nice guitar icon

Tap and Strum changed too

Same for "Normal", "Skilled", "Insane" and "Legendary"

Gameplay is improved

On Strum too

Okay that is it for now, please comment and give us your opinion. :-D
Thanks to all for your support.

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