Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jam Project Alpha 2

Hi, I am posting here Jam Project Alpha 2.
We packed again this Project in 2 versions the Basic and the Full. The basic just has the software and nothing else while the full has the software and all the songs.


1-Based on Jambox Now.
2-Choose songs easily.
2-Choose between TAP and Strum easily.
3-No need to paste JamLegendTrust.
4- No need to name your folder guitar-files and put it on C:\
5-Visual Tweaks.
6- Updated Change Keys
7- Updated 3+ Note Chords
8- Updated Sound Effects Volume

The Full version is still uploading but if you already have the songs you can download the basic and have fun and if you haven't the songs and don't want to wait for full just download them from some of our other posts.
Full version will be here soon.

Btw please be nice and share us on facebook and twitter. 

Sexy update:
We were planing just release this on our next alpha but you were requesting it some many times,  so we added the change keys option and a few extras, just scroll down until you see it under the game.
Updated  the link too.

Sorry but with this uptdate full has to upload again too. Few more hours :-(

screenshots for you:

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