Friday, 29 April 2011

That's it... Jamlegend just marked the death point.

Today, about 23.40 GMT -1 jamlegend just closed it's doors, showing this goodbye message. Sad day for many, frustrating day for others who worked so hard to reach the level they were for it to end completely today...
Jamlegend team also leaved us this video, which was the original jamlegend before it was even officially launched... the born of jamlegend.

So, those who liked jamlegend so much that couldn't see themselves away from it, calm down... we will bring you a new "jamlegend", some time soon... I know that if we all collaborate for it, we can make a new "jamlegend" much greater than the past one, where everyone can have lots of fun without limitations, and where group working between moderators, trackers and producers will exist again, in full force. Don't be sad... this may have been the end of jamlegend today... but it may also be the start of a new and amazing trip for us, the descendants of jamlegend who will create the "jamlegend" of tomorrow... we will make it the biggest and greatest online game ever! Believe it!! ^^

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