Thursday, 21 April 2011

Introducing jamproject!

We all witnessed during the end of jamlegend coming closer and closer... recently, that became inevitable, with jamlegend marking it's death at the 29th April of 2011. Of course, we couldn't just stay looking at that happening, and we decided to act, keeping the most we could of this excellent game that once became vicious to so many players =)
Currently, those who are working at this project are:

Luna, aka Okami aka Wolfye aka SKY.L.Luna.F.ProPT.JP : Level 94, Moderator, Producer, VIP
Santiago, aka Churro aka JG.L.CHURRO.RZ : Level 98, Moderator, Producer
Tiseac aka Chuck Norris aka The Doctor: Non jamlegend member, Programmer, Contributor

Anyone interested on helping us just say comment or send us an e-mail!

Luna or Chuck

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