Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Expansion Pack #9 by Paturages

More Official Jamlegend songs just came in thanks to Paturages. :)

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This Track Pack includes artists such as:

-Piano Classics

-Blue Judy



-Dralace & Mitsuhirato


-Joseph Patrick Moore



-Knockout Theory



-The Adventures of Duane & Brando



-Stix Bones



-Scar Symmetry

- Gwyllion some more of your favorites. :)

Once again, JP Team appreciates ALL of your support, thank you so much. ^^

JPTM. Puchyy

   EXTRA SONGS (posted on comments by Paturages) => DOWNLOAD
   Songs by DEPAPEPE - Judgement, La tanta and Yuyake Cycling (7 tracks) 

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