Friday, 22 April 2011

I just said what i had to say

This here is a different topic I made at GSF team, that I just wanted to share with you. You can see the original HERE.

Putting it all to waste... a message for Jamlegend Team.

Jamlegend Team, is it right to put all this awesome site to waste? Is it right to put such a brilliant idea to oblivion? Is it right to rip off the fun so many people had with this game? Is it right to shut down a whole community of people who care for it and that work hard on it (moderators, producers, trackers), and that with so many effort and love made it so organized? Is it right to throw more than 3 years of history to garbage? Even if you are with Zynga now... why... CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING? Open your eyes!!
Btw, Zynga sucks. If you guys are going for them too, really, you suck. I though you were better than that... that you had a big future with this game... and that this someday would be a revolution when you would win some wisdom and put this into order and accept or brilliant ideas that have been through so many time discussed in this forums... But it looks like you only got the reverse of wisdom, always...Why do you have to be like that... why do you have to bury yourselves in your own graves...
Just answer that if you can... though I know you will not answer, because you aren't anything else than a bunch of fools. If you do change your minds about jamlegend, what I seriously doubt since I know how you are, I would really change what I am saying... so... it's on your hands, if you want to keep being what I see here =>

By the way, thanks a lot for making me a moderator, and I really had some good fun while I was, and I learned many new things and met more cool people =)
But seriously, if this is going to be like that, quitters... I don't care anymore about it. Seriously guys, you disappoint me, a lot. I admire your courage if you are still reading this (jamlegend team)... I though you would just ignore this topic like you did with many many many many others...

I challenge your to answer to this and to change... if you don't, you will always be fools for the rest of your life.

I'm sorry for the things I called you here, but I just said what I had to say...

Who agrees with me, please support me at the forum... Like I said, I just said what I had to say

(Credits of the video goes for Dan, theWiseOwl)

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